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Industrial IoT with Edge Computing

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Secure Industrial IoT with Edge Computing

RAD offers a comprehensive solution for secure networking for Smart Cities, Connected Industry, Smart Transportation, Smart Energy (generation, transmission and distribution), and more, to allow fast, secure and economical deployment of thousands of new remote IIoT sites with always-on reliability and mission-critical protection.


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The Age of Digital Transformation

The industrial internet of things (IIoT) is set to enable digital transformation across all industrial and critical infrastructure sectors. By 2020, IIoT is expected to be a $225 billion market*, encompassing many thousands of highly distributed intelligent devices. This signifies a revolution in the industrial world which is now shifting its focus to increased efficiency and lower costs using smart edge devices and Big Data analytics.

* (Source: Internet of Things Institute, 2017)

Power Utilities • Smart Grid • Re-closers • Load breaker • RTUs/SCADA • Secondary substations • Meter concentrators

Gas Utilities • Flow meters • Volume/pressure/level sensors

Water Utilities • Flow control • Quality • Leakage detection • Pump/valve control • Meters

Transportation • Traffic control • Info boards • Kiosks

Connected Industry (“Smart Factory/ Industrie 4.0/ Society 4.0”) • Production floor monitoring • Remote PLC control • Automated quality control

Smart Cities • Smart parking • Traffic monitoring & control • Bike sharing • Smart lighting • Public safety • Payment kiosks (PoS)

IIoT Challenges

Cyber security

“Intelligent” doesn’t equal “protected”. IIoT devices’ connectivity over unreliable public networks (e.g., the internet) creates countless vulnerability points for hackers to exploit, with potentially disastrous results.


High operational costs for provisioning and maintenance/field replacement of thousands of edge devices.

Data Usability

Massive data transmissions to and from IIoT devices in remote sites over diverse network connections in a timely manner is challenging. That, together with the need for actionable information (i.e., real-time analytics), has led to the growing use of edge/fog computing. Finding the right edge/cloud balance is key to optimize asset performance and costs.

Key Benefits

Always-on connectivity 
Seamless connectivity over any access with resiliency and redundancy options

End-to-end IPsec VPN tunnels over private and public networks with firewall and encryption

Fog/edge application support to minimize latency and maximizing efficiency

Simplified operations
Secure zero-touch configuration for automated installation and provisioning

RAD’s Secure Industrial IoT Backhaul Solution

RAD’s secure industrial IoT backhaul solution

  • SecFlow-1v
    Ruggedized Industrial IoT Gateway
  • Ruggedized SCADA-Aware Gateway
  • RADview Performance Monitoring
    Network Management and Domain Orchestration


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  • Secure Industrial IoT Solutions with Edge Computing

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