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IIoT with Edge Computing


RAD’s Industrial IoT Backhaul Solutions

There’s an easier way to roll out an industrial IoT project than stacking boxes.

For the ONLY solution in the market that combines a router, Firewall and an LTE modem, together with a PLC, LoRaWAN gateway, protocol convertor, video surveillance DVR and other functions, choose RAD - your  all-in-one, secure IoT backhaul solution with Edge computing.

RAD’s solution allows you to reliably collect data from all your Industrial IoT edge devices over a fully secure connection. It puts you in full control of your network and allows you to mitigate ANY potential threat, for ANY type of device. 

Built-in Edge computing means you can enjoy fast deployment and add, or remove, capabilities using homegrown or third-party applications.

SD-WAN provides resilient communications over multiple secure links with link quality monitoring and application-level assurance.

Simply put, it’s the most comprehensive answer for large-scale automated networks. In any industry.

Most importantly: With RAD’s expertise and future-proof innovation, you get the peace of mind you need for today and tomorrow.

To learn more about RAD's industrial IoT backhaul solutions click here.

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