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How to Tackle Industrial IoT’s Top 3 Challenges

Sep 17, 2018

The industrial internet of things (IIoT) revolution goes hand-in-hand with digital transformation and we’re about to see their impact everywhere, most importantly in the industrial and critical infrastructure sectors. The killer combination of millions of smart edge devices and Big Data analytics is set to boost efficiency and lower costs – immensely.

This digital transformation, in all its glory however, brings with it some major challenges. Let’s tackle the top three head-on:

Cyber Security Threats

Cyber Security Threats

Every smart IIoT device that is connected over the internet and other, unreliable public networks is exposed to malicious attacks. Multiply this by the countless devices that are already – or about to be – deployed, and the results could be catastrophic.

Operational Complexity

Operational Complexity

Installing, configuring, maintaining and replacing thousands of edge devices could be a costly operational nightmare.

Data Usability

Data Usability

So, we have intelligent IIoT devices in the field that process, transmit and receive data in massive volumes. At the end of the day, all that data needs to be turned into actionable information via the use of real-time analytics. Fog computing, also known as Edge Computing, has set to address this need, but it also presents issues concerning performance and cost optimization that require balancing.

Meeting these Challenges Head-On

With the above challenges in mind, we, at RAD, have developed a comprehensive solution for secure networking for Smart Cities, Connected Industry, Smart Transportation, Smart Energy (generation, transmission and distribution), and more. It is designed to allow fast, secure and economical deployment of thousands of new remote IIoT sites with always-on reliability and mission-critical protection, with the following benefits:

Always-on connectivity 
Seamless connectivity over any access with resiliency and redundancy options

End-to-end IPsec VPN tunnels over private and public networks with firewall and encryption

Fog/edge application support to minimize latency and maximizing efficiency

Simplified operations
Secure zero-touch configuration for automated installation and provisioning

In this age of digital transformation, the most important thing for critical infrastructure providers to remember is that in the world of IIoT, changing needs bring with them major security threats and operational challenges. Find out more about how RAD meets these obstacles head-on here.


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