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Why Industry 4.0 Needs an Intelligent Edge

In this webinar, we’ll review the role of the intelligent edge in addressing the needs of large scale I4.0 projects, most of which includes core production equipment that has been installed for a while.

Industry 4.0 is entering a new era, with the increased use of IoT tools and the rise in data volumes that follows. The ultimate goal is to create smarter factories, so that management can make informed decisions based on automated processes and reach productivity, efficiency and cost targets. However, how can these goals be met with the fast increase in the number of connected end points?

See all slides
See all slides

What you will learn

  • The State of the Industry (4.0) – Market Trends and Key Challenges
  • IoT Technologies In Service of the Smart Factory
  • The Shape of I4.0 Projects – Common Connectivity Requirements
  • Here Comes the Edge – A Buyer’s Checklist


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