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New IoT Paradigms Revolutionizing the ICS Market

Meet LPWAN, LoRa, MQTT, and Cloud/Edge Computing

The IoT revolution enables automation and monitoring of sensors and systems like never before – not only at a larger scale, but also with a much wider geographical coverage. It affects the traditional utilities and industry verticals by enabling new and advanced applications, just as new domains such as agriculture, laundromats, parking, etc., are embracing its powerful capabilities. The allure of application agility, intuitive HMI and analytics is irresistible, posing a serious gap for traditional PLCs/RTUs.

In this webinar, we’ll review the technological advancements and open standards that are changing supply chains and reducing costs and time to market (TTM). Join us as we examine how modern IT paradigms such as cloud, MQTT and Edge Computing can be used to augment legacy systems to bring tangible value to CxOs in a variety of organizations.

See all slides
See all slides

What you will learn

  • State of the ICS Market

  • New IoT Trends

  • The Promise of LPWAN

  • Bringing It All Together


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