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Multiservice Switches and Routers

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RAD’s multiservice switches and routers allow a seamless migration to next-gen communications:

  • Maintain legacy TDM services over new packet networks 
  • Avoid costly maintenance of obsolete TDM network equipment 
  • Support heterogenic First Mile footprint
  • Flexibility in PWE termination options


Legacy Equipment Replacement in T&D Grids

Powerful TDM and Ethernet hybrid backplane design, as well as support for analog and digital data and voice devices.

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White Papers

  • A Comparison of Carrier Ethernet and MPLS for Critical Infrastructure Operational Networks
  • Power Utilities Substation WAN Market Survey
  • The Future of Power Grids
  • Full Service Access System for Air Traffic Control with Integrated Management
  • Teleprotection over Packet


  • TDM Mux Replacement for Power Utilities
  • Teleprotection over Packet


  • Reliable Teleprotection Solutions for Power Utilities Migrating to Packet Networks

What RAD Can Do for You?

Help you evolve any service over any network!


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