RAD is a global leader for telecom access solutions. As an industry pioneer for over 40 years, RAD reliably supplies worldwide communications service providers and critical infrastructure operators with best-of-breed Ethernet access devices, industrial IoT gateways, 5G xHaul, and Operational WAN solutions. Offering always-on connectivity from anywhere, along with data-driven, AI-powered actionable insights, RAD is distinguished for its supply-chain stability, which outsteps the market in delivery times. Founded in 1981, RAD serves as the anchor of the $1.6 billion RAD Group, an umbrella of independent companies that develop diverse networking and data communications solutions.

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OT Monitoring & Anomaly Detection - A Joint RAD & Rhebo Solution

Scalable Cybersecurity for Electrical Substations & Distributed Energy Resources

With the integration of Rhebo Industrial Protector on the RAD SecFlow IoT gateways, utilities and other critical infrastructure system operators gain complete visibility and cybersecurity for the remote operation of their plants. Rhebo, a Landis+Gyr company extends the stateful firewall on the gateway with powerful operational technology (OT) network monitoring and anomaly detection at the substation level. New types of attacks, malware activity and technical error states can be detected and corrected before malfunctions occur.

360° Security Against Disruptions

Companies in the energy and gas sector often operate their facilities via remote control. Communication through mobile, broadband or VPN networks must therefore be specially secured. With more than 320,000 new malware variants and increasingly specialized attack methods every day, the detection of novel attack patterns is all the more important. In order to ensure a quick response to incidents and prevent a spillover to other locations or to the network operation center (NOC), detection must be ensured at the affected facility.

With RAD’s SecFlow Industrial IoT Gateway, companies create the basis for a secure and economical connection of remote-controlled energy systems. The gateway enables the secure connection of RTUs, smart meter aggregation devices and IoT base stations via wireless or fiber optic networks. RAD's pre-installed stateful firewall analyzes incoming communications for known attack signatures and blocks them if necessary.

With Rhebo Industrial Protector, the firewall function is extended by ICS monitoring with anomaly detection. The Rhebo sensor runs as an embedded function on the SecFlow device utilizing edge computing capabilities of the SecFlow-1v. Rhebo Industrial Protector continuously analyzes the communication in the industrial control system (ICS) on the level of the individual sites (e.g. substation, solar park, wind power plants, heat pumps, network operation center (NOC). Any deviation within the communication from the expected pattern is identified, evaluated and reported in real-time. This allows operators to advance their intrusion detection system to identifying anomalies including:

  • New devices and network users
  • Changed device communication behavior
  • Critical activities such as firmware updates and changes in PLC operation modes
  • Bypassing of security mechanisms through physical and virtual components
  • Reconnaissance activities such as network scans and lateral movement
  • Device-related vulnerabilities
  • Technical error states (e.g. cyclical telegrams, communication errors, misconfigurations)

A detailed network map and connection overview additionally create a complete real-time picture of the network. Operators can thus establish full visibility of their ICS as well as its current security status and risk exposure at any time.

As the SecFlow is connected to sensors deployed in the field, the hosted Rhebo Industrial Protector within the SecFlow is able to detect field-level attacks that aren't visible at higher levels 

Network Condition OT Monitoring for Increased Availability

Rhebo Industrial Protector provides detailed information on network quality and performance. Technical error states that impair communication processes are reported in real-time.

The embedded Rhebo Industrial Protector thus ensures consistently high availability, security and efficiency in critical infrastructures. The deployment of Rhebo Industrial Protector is done via the central RADview control interface. This provides a highly cost-efficient roll-out of in-depth cybersecurity and availability management to any amount of substations.

By hosting both networking and non-networking functions on the same hardware, the SecFlow reduces the number of devices in the network. In addition to a built-in router and LTE modem, the SecFlow features such functionalities as a PLC, LoRaWAN gateway, a protocol converter, a video surveillance DVR, and more. It differs from other available OT & IIoT hardware by:

  • Handling different functionalities that would otherwise require different appliances
  • Support for any media connection that’s available on site in the same device
  • Protocol conversion – allowing field equipment to connect to the network even if it doesn’t speak new IIoT “languages”

OT monitoring for local cybersecurity and detection of attacks, espionage, vulnerabilities and technical error states

Your advantages with Rhebo and RAD

  1. 360° visibility from network to devices, from NOC to remote-controlled facilities
  2. Substation level OT monitoring for local cybersecurity and detection of attacks, espionage, vulnerabilities and technical error states
  3. Advanced intrusion detection system with combined stateful firewall and anomaly detection
  4. Improvement and assurance of plant availability and security of supply through early detection of technical error conditions
  5. Increased actionability through integrated risk assessment and forensic data storage
  6. Cost-efficient, container-based deployment via central RADview interface


OT Monitoring Solution From Rhebo & RAD


To learn more about the integrated solution of Rhebo and RAD, contact us at [email protected]




Typical UsersTypical Users

  • Power Utilities
  • Water Utilities
  • Oil & Gas Companies
  • Transportation companies
  • Critical infrastructure operators

Typical ApplicationTypical Applications

  • Operational Technology Networks
  • Industrial IoT
  • Industry 4.0

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