RAD is a global leader for telecom access solutions. As an industry pioneer for over 40 years, RAD reliably supplies worldwide communications service providers and critical infrastructure operators with best-of-breed Ethernet access devices, industrial IoT gateways, 5G xHaul, and Operational WAN solutions. Offering always-on connectivity from anywhere, along with data-driven, AI-powered actionable insights, RAD is distinguished for its supply-chain stability, which outsteps the market in delivery times. Founded in 1981, RAD serves as the anchor of the $1.6 billion RAD Group, an umbrella of independent companies that develop diverse networking and data communications solutions.

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RADinsight SD

Smart Diagnostics for CSP Customer Care

CSP service desk representatives and enterprise IT are empowered with intuitive, insightful on-the-spot diagnostic tools to troubleshoot L2 connectivity issues. Customer care centers improve first-call resolution rates which saves CSP resources, increases customer satisfaction, and reduces churn.

    The Challenge to Provide Effective Customer Care

    What happens today when a frustrated customer calls their CSP service desk with connectivity issues? Typically, a service desk representative tries to perform triage and eliminate trivial cases by understanding whether the problem stems from the customer’s site, the CSP network, or their Internet service provider, which can be the CDN (Content Delivery Network) or the host itself. However, service desk personnel usually do not possess the technical skills and tools to diagnose the customer issue, so the problem gets escalated to operations whereby multiple data sources  are checked to identify the problem and then remediate or solve it. In some cases, even field teams and equipment vendors need to be involved to isolate and solve the issue.

    CSPs waste considerable resources on customer ticket escalation by attempting to troubleshoot problems unrelated to their network. According to Global Surveyz (L2 Business Services and 5G xHaul, 2021), the source of 76% of business connectivity problems reported to CSP service desks lie outside the CSP’s scope of control.

    Moreover, operational resource limitations lead to a large number of customer complaints taking too long to resolve or remaining unresolved. Simplifying, shortening, or avoiding customer complaint treatment processes will save CSP resources, increase customer satisfaction, and reduce churn.

    First Call Resolution

    RADinsight SD improves first call resolution, helping service desk representatives to easily isolate the issue and provide the  customer with insightful diagnostics. It goes beyond traditional performance monitoring and other sophisticated engineering tools used by highly skilled professionals for CSP network monitoring with intuitive end-to-end visibility across customer LAN, CSP network (WAN) and Internet/cloud.

    Benefits for CSP Customer Care Operations

    RADinsight saves on OpEx and increases customer satisfaction.  The savings are maximized when its visibility is provided to CSP enterprise customers. To enable this, RADinsight provides a self-service option for enterprise IT users with an end-to-end view of the quality-affecting problem areas, at a glance. This way, they identify and often resolve the problems from their end, avoiding calls to CSP Customer Care.

    Smart Diagnostics for Customer Care: How It Works

    RADinsight SD is an on-demand service on top of a cloud-based platform. It leverages EAD installed bases and their strategic locations as demarcation points on the edge to collect active and passive measurements and apply AI/ML-based cloud analytics and rich visualization capabilities to intuitively diagnose a customer’s L2 connectivity issues and propose next best action.

    Quick Specs

    • Dashboards display an at-a-glance, end-to-end view of connectivity path health for CSP call center personnel.
    • Users view diagnostics for network degradation and root cause connectivity segments.
    • QoS scores are provided based on the history of a connectivity problem over time (evolution, persistence) as well as severity on top of network KPI analytics.
    • AI/ML driven analytics provide insightful feedback for next best action.

      Key Take-Aways

      Cashflow Control

      Cloud-based, on-demand subscription service.

      Simple Deployment

      Leverage EAD/NID/NTE installed base - does not require SW agents or probes.

      Technology Agnostic

      Supports all customer LAN technologies.

      Most Accurate

      Root-cause segment isolation based on demarcation point analytics.

      Truly Intuitive

      No engineering skills required. User-friendly for any CSP Operations or Customer IT team. 

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