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Disaggregation and the Intelligent Edge - Turning Vision into Reality

RAD's own Ilan Tevet and Heavy Reading's Jennifer Clark present a compelling webinar.

Data Center clouds are becoming more distributed, moving closer to business customers’ premises and blurring the traditional lines between "edge" and "center". In this webinar, we explore what this non-monolithic, disaggregated architecture means for CSPs and the services they’re offering and review the tools needed to run an effective, virtual network edge.

See all slides
See all slides

What you will learn

  • Disaggregated architecture's vision - Freedom. Flexibility. Agility.

  • Tales from the field – the different approaches taken by CSPs today

  • Location, location, location – where to host different business applications to meet required performance levels using Edge Computing

  • New use cases for new revenue streams

  • Benchmark - the essential checklist for the virtual network edge


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