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Service Assured vCPE


A comprehensive look at today’s vCPE deployment drivers and challenges brought on by the move towards disaggregated architecture. An in-depth review of the most compelling use cases with specific focus on CSP needs.  


And so it begins:
The evolving industry trend of network disaggregation, specifically, the separation of software from the hardware appliance it runs on, is closely related to the recent developments in NFV and SDN technologies. This represents a dramatic market inflection point as it frees communications service providers (CSPs) to choose best-of- breed products and solutions to meet their operational and business needs…


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    What You Will Learn:


    • Network Disaggregation, Edge Virtualization and the Curious Case of vCPE
      • Market dynamics
      • Minding the gap(s)
      • Key CSP challenges in vCPE deployments
      • The essential vCPE checklist
    • RAD’s Service Assured vCPE Toolbox
      • What we have
      • What can you do with it
      • How you benefit
    • Deployment Scenarios and Use Cases
    • vCPE Survey
    • Where Do We Go from Here?

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