RAD is a global leader for telecom access solutions. As an industry pioneer for over 40 years, RAD reliably supplies worldwide communications service providers and critical infrastructure operators with best-of-breed Ethernet access devices, industrial IoT gateways, 5G xHaul, and Operational WAN solutions. Offering always-on connectivity from anywhere, along with data-driven, AI-powered actionable insights, RAD is distinguished for its supply-chain stability, which outsteps the market in delivery times. Founded in 1981, RAD serves as the anchor of the $1.6 billion RAD Group, an umbrella of independent companies that develop diverse networking and data communications solutions.

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Network Management and Domain Orchestration

RADview is a modular network management suite for RAD’s Service Assured Access and Service Assured Networking solutions. It enables planning, provisioning and monitoring of networks and services.


RADview Performance Monitoring
Comprehensive management suite, intuitive UX/UI and open architecture

The RADview features a network element manager, end-to-end service manager for Carrier Ethernet services, performance monitoring portal for ongoing monitoring of Ethernet and IP services, D-NFV orchestrator for virtual machines and application services at the customer edge, and a network planner for resource optimization and capacity planning.

Featuring client/server architecture with multi-user support, RADview provides intuitive graphic representation of network clouds, links, nodes, end-to-end services, and network status indication. Fully ITU-T FCAPS compliant, it offers security management supporting user access profiles and allowing network partitioning.

Key Take-Aways


management suite for next-gen networks based on RAD products and solutions


provisioning, performance monitoring, and service management


all physical and virtual network resources


HTML5, graphical UX/UI – easy to learn and use


architecture with multiple northbound APIs, interoperable with third-party OSS and network orchestrators

RADview Quick Specs

  • Monitors device health, optimizes network operations and minimizes mean time to repair (MTTR)
  • Client/server architecture with multi-user support and seamless handover of user privileges
  • Zero-touch and auto-discovery capabilities
  • Wide range of northbound application programming interfaces (APIs)
  • Interoperable with third-party NMS and leading OSS/umbrella systems
  • Multi-platform Java-based solution supporting Windows and Linux
  • IBM Tivoli’s Netcool®/OMNIbus™ plug-in
  • High availability and disaster recovery solutions

Data Sheet

RADview DataSheet


RADview Performance Monitoring
The RADview Performance Monitoring module enables ongoing monitoring of Ethernet and IP service performance by collecting KPI (key performance indicator) data from RAD devices. Part of RAD’s Service Assured solutions, it allows service providers and network operators to easily monitor and manage actual network and service performance over time and compare it to service requirements and SLA (service level agreement) guarantees.

The RADview Performance Monitoring module enables immediate detection of service degradation, so that remedial actions are taken to quickly restore guaranteed performance levels. The system retrieves data lost due to connection failures and exports standard CSV ASCII files to OSS or third-party management systems.

  • Collects, stores, analyzes and presents KPIs from RAD devices
  • In-service bandwidth utilization measurements
  • Actual performance metrics based on ITU-T Y.1731:
    • Frame delay (latency)
    • Frame delay variation (jitter)
    • Packet delivery ratio
    • Availability
  • TWAMP-based L3 performance monitoring for IP services
  • SLA threshold policy management
  • Performance dashboard with aggregated and drill-down views
  • Monthly and real-time SLA statistics reporting

RADview Domain Orchestrator
The RADview Domain Orchestrator uses the OpenStack framework to manage the physical and virtual resources required for effectively running vCPE services and for delivering service agility at the customer edge. It installs, configures and manages virtual machines on the x86 D-NFV module residing within RAD’s customer-edge devices. In addition, it manages the repository of RAD-certified VF (virtual function) applications and is used to download the applications to the device.

Featuring a web client with state-of-the-art user interface (UI), the RADview Domain Orchestrator enables fast and easy service creation of value-added applications and provides status and utilization reports of the x86 D-NFV modules.

  • Configuration and monitoring using OpenStack control node
  • Manages application repository with data on vendor, usage and system requirements for each VF
  • Downloading and provisioning multiple VFs by the D-NFV module
  • x86 inventory management and utilization reporting
  • DNFV-OS deployment; ongoing OS and application software updates
  • Web client with intuitive UI

RADview Service Manager
The RADview Service Manager module is part of the RADview management suite and provides end-to-end management of MEF-based Carrier Ethernet services for Service Assured Access. An intuitive GUI, “point-and-click” functionality and easy-to-follow wizards facilitate planning, provisioning, monitoring, diagnostics, and SLA assurance, so that network operators can add new service offerings, as well as minimize overall operating costs, reduce provisioning times and maximize the efficiency of the entire network.

  • Offline resource optimization and capacity planning simplifies pre-deployment stages
  • “Point-and-click” end-to-end service provisioning and OAM settings
  • Automatic correlation of network faults with impacted services and customers
  • Security management supporting user access profiles and allowing network partitioning
  • Graphic representation of network clouds, links, nodes, end-to-end services, and network status indication
  • Standard northbound interfaces to third-party OSS systems
  • GUI designed for management of very large networks

RADview Service Center
The RADview Service Center path management system enables end-to-end management of RAD’s TDM access products, while easy-to-follow wizards facilitate provisioning and monitoring over SDH/SONET and PDH networks. Supported capabilities include automatic path routing, automatic re-routing of protected paths, physical and logical representation of the network links, and more. The system allows network operators to add new service offerings while minimizing overall operating costs, reducing provisioning times and maximizing the efficiency of the entire network.

  • “Point-and-click” provisioning from a central workstation for networks of RAD products
  • Automatic periodic self-healing of faulty services
  • Service security management, supporting user network access profiles and allowing network partitioning
  • Service availability report
  • Dynamic filter displays service and network link-related alarms
  • Windows-based client and Linux-based server


A dedicated server to manage multiple RADview domain servers, for unlimited network scalability.

Carrier Ethernet and IP VPNs
Easily plan, deploy, provision, and maintain SLA-based business and cloud access services with the same “look and feel” over any access.
Performance Monitoring for Business Services
Performance monitoring for L2, L3 VPNs to assure service level agreement (SLA) for businesses.
TDM Services over Packet Networks
Maintain legacy TDM services over new packet networks.
Hybrid TDM and Ethernet Access
Use same CPEs and aggregation equipment over DSL, fiber, E1/T1, wireless, or Carrier Ethernet
Mobile Backhaul
Multi-CoS backhaul with service management and diagnostics, flexible topologies. 
Performance Monitoring for Mobile Networks
Provides deep visibility to ensure the best experience for the latest business, video, and gaming services, throughout your LTE or LTE-Advanced network.
Timing Synchronization for Mobile Networks
Frequency/phase for LTE/LTE-A macro and small cells with a fully featured PTP Grandmaster, including built-in GPS, Sync-E, IEEE 1588 and backup.
Wholesale Networking
Provide wholesale Carrier Ethernet transport services to multiple service providers with complete visibility and controlled service hand-off between multiple networks.
Cyber Shield for Critical Infrastructure
Substation security gateway isolates industrial control systems (ICS)/automation devices from attack vectors on management and SCADA planes
Multiservice Operational Network for Power Utilities
Powerful cross-generation TDM and Ethernet capabilities for analog and digital data and voice devices, as well as Ethernet IEDs.
Ruggedized Substation LAN for Power Utilities
Support Ethernet-based IEC 61850 substation communications for mission-critical automation traffic within the substation and between SCADA control centers.
Distribution Automation and Smart Meter Backhaul
Secure networking for secondary substations, metering and automation network integration.
Distance and Differential Protection Communications
Deliver distance trip commands and differential Teleprotection over TDM or IP networks.
Offshore Communications for Oil & Gas Utilities
Deliver real-time video, internet access (WiFi), telemetry, data, and VoIP to supply and service vessels
Multiservice Operational Network for Oil & Gas Utilities
Deliver analog and digital data, voice and video feeds over SDH/SONET, PSN/packet optical and cellular networks.
Water Utility Communications
Cyber-secure SCADA connectivity for water monitoring and automation devices, sensors, pumps, surface and groundwater availability tracking devices, etc.
Highway Communications
Backhaul high-definition video feeds and roadside display board data from remote facilities over fiber, high throughput sub-6 GHz radio links and 10-GbE rings.
Multiservice Operational Network for Trains and Metros
Network reliability for mission-critical railway applications, including automatic train supervision (ATS), centralized traffic control (CTC), SCADA, and multiparty hotlines, as well as passenger information systems (PIS).
Wireless Broadband Mobility for Trains and Metros
Deliver on-board video surveillance, infotainment and WiFi in moving vehicles using easy-to-deploy base stations and Ethernet access switches.
Multiservice Operational Network for Air-Traffic Control
Deliver direct speech (DS), Telex (TTY), radar data (RD), extended range VHF (ER), and VHF data link (VDL) traffic, together with other voice, fax and LAN services, over any SDH/SONET/PSN/OTN/DWDM.
Multiservice Operational Network for Police and Military
Deliver Ethernet, TDM and low speed data over existing SDH/SONET and/or PSN
Broadband Mobility for Police and Military
Deliver real-time video surveillance feeds to and from patrol staff in the field. 
Smart City Communications
Connect security cameras, WiFi access points, display boards, meter concentrators, and other sensors in urban and rural areas over fiber optics and wireless radios.

Tips from experts

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RAD’s Service Assured Access Solution
RAD’s Service Assured Access Solution


Data Sheet

  • RADview Data Sheet


  • Industrial IoT Backhaul with Edge Computing
  • RADview
  • Smart City Communications
  • First Responders and Military Communications
  • Highway Communications
  • Train and Metro Communications
  • Air-traffic control communications
  • Oil & Gas Utility Communications
  • Power Utility Communications
  • Carrier Ethernet and L2 VPNs
  • TDM Migration
  • 4G/5G Mobile xHaul
  • Timing Synchronization for Mobile Networks
  • Wholesale Networking

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