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Cloudify, RAD Develop Reference Stack for Mass uCPE Deployment

An Intel-RAD-Cloudify White Paper


Combining Cloudify orchestrator with RAD’s vCPE-OS (and RADview domain orchestrator) on Intel® architecture uCPE enables convergence of communication, information, and operational technology services at network and customer edges 


And so it begins:

Enter a new way to virtualize network functionality called containers. Containerized networking functions (CNFs) utilize container software distributed as software images that are managed using container-management tools such as Kubernetes or Docker. CNFs break apart a virtualized application into microservices that can be separately scaled and deployed. This enables fast delivery, network agility, portability, modernization, and lifecycle management...


    Download white paper

    What You Will Learn:


    • uCPE Reference Design Components
      • Cloudify Network Automation and Orchestration
      • RAD Operating System and Device Management
    • Powered by Intel® Technology
    • Pulling It All Together: The Open uCPE Software Reference Design

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