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PM Controller

Performance Monitoring Generator

The PM Controller is a high capacity, central generator for always-on performance monitoring (PM), on-demand testing, diagnostics and troubleshooting of mobile backhaul networks, as well as for premium Carrier Ethernet and IP business services.

PM Controller
Non-disruptive add-on for the best performance monitoring

The PM Controller uses a wide variety of standard tools to provide deep visibility into network and service performance and to ensure optimal quality of experience in LTE/LTE-A networks, typically characterized by rapid small-cell deployment. Part of RAD’s Service Assured Access offering, the PM Controller works opposite routers, switches, mobile base stations, or third-party responders, as well as opposite RAD’s ETX and MiNID NIDs. As a non-disruptive add-on, the PM Controller is an ideal solution for existing heterogeneous networks. It enables top line PM and testing in a dynamic environment regardless of the capabilities of the underlying installed base.

Key Take-Aways

PM and testing

in existing dynamic and heterogeneous networks


opposite routers, switches, mobile base stations, responders, and RAD’s NIDs

Full visibility

for L2 & L3 services


and QoE reporting

Performance Monitoring for Business
Performance monitoring for L2, L3 VPNs to assure service level agreement (SLA) for businesses.
Performance Monitoring for Mobile Networks
Provides deep visibility to ensure the best experience for the latest business, video, and gaming services, throughout your LTE or LTE-Advanced network.

Tips from experts

RAD’s Performance Monitoring for Mobile Networks
RAD's Performance Monitoring for Mobile Networks



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