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SHDSL.bis Modems

The ASMi-54 line includes the multi-port ASMi-54 advanced SHDSL.bis modem, the cost-effective ASMi-54L SHDSL.bis modem and the ASMi-54LRT managed SHDSL.bis modem with integrated router.

Point-to-point, hub-and-spoke and drop-and-insert connectivity over copper and fiber

The managed SHDSL.bis modems extend E1 and mid-band Ethernet services over multi-pair bonded copper links. Ensuring reliable performance over poor quality or noisy lines, the devices employ next-generation SHDSL technology and EFM bonding to achieve variable data rates of up to 22.8 Mbps. The ASMi-54 family is ideal for service providers, mobile operators, enterprises, utilities, and transportation companies. The devices feature a compact, half 19-inch enclosure, with optional rail-mountable metal enclosure for deployment in extreme temperature environments.

Key Take-Aways


E1 and mid-band Ethernet services over multi-pair bonded copper links


quality of service


up to 30 Mbps


services with built-in router

Hybrid TDM and Ethernet Access
Use same CPEs and aggregation equipment over DSL, fiber, E1/T1, wireless, or Carrier Ethernet
Multiservice Operational Network for Trains and Metros
Network reliability for mission-critical railway applications, including automatic train supervision (ATS), centralized traffic control (CTC), SCADA, and multiparty hotlines, as well as passenger information systems (PIS).


Data Sheets

  • ASMi-54LRT Data Sheet
  • ASMi-54L Data Sheet
  • ASMi-54 Data Sheet
Data Sheets

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