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RAD’s Industrial IoT Backhaul Demo

Enable fast, secure and economical deployment of new IIoT sites


RAD's Industrial IoT Backhaul Demo

In this demo, we will show RAD’s industrial IoT backhaul solution to enable fast, secure and economical deployment of new IoT sites.

Here we show an industrial IoT communications network. We see an industrial IoT gateway connected to a CCTV camera, and another industrial IoT gateway connected to a meter concentrator.

Both gateways are connected to RAD’s security gateway hub over IPsec VPN tunnels, which extend over a public cellular network.

The RADview security suite is a major part of this solution. It is used to handle tasks, firewall management, security information and event management, and Syslog, as well as the secure zero-touch provisioning server.

1.  First, we create IPsec VPN tunnels between two SecFlow devices and the security gateway hub.

2.  Once created, services up and running.

Now let’s see other elements of the solution:

RADview Tasks enables the management of bulk configuration, backup and upgrade jobs for all the SecFlow devices.

The RADview firewall management system enables bulk configuration of a stateful firewall within the SecFlow.

RADview’s security information and event management enables collection of all security events detected in the network. The system collects events from SecFlow and other security gateway devices and displays them visually on customizable dashboards. The Syslog server collects all syslog messages from the SecFlows.

RAD’s Industrial IoT backhaul solution enables network operators to quickly and securely deploy new IoT sites at low CapEx and OpEx.

It allows zero-touch installation for fast deployment of thousands of new remote sites, and provides a ruggedized solution for installation in harsh environments.

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