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vCPE Edge Virtualization

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Leading the Edge Virtualization

RAD, the industry pioneer in network edge virtualization, provides flexible vCPE toolbox for the customer edge, enabling optimized and open vCPE deployment with high availability over any access technology. It includes:


  • Powerful vCPE-OS operating system running on third-party and RAD platforms to provide carrier-grade networking functionality and VNF hosting
  • Whitebox and Carrier Ethernet EADs and IP platforms with pluggable x86 server modules
  • Pluggable physical network functions (P-PNFs) fulfilling a broad spectrum of interface, connectivity, conversion and hardware offload/acceleration capabilities
  • Multifunctional vAccess VNF for service delivery and assurance as well as control and management of P-PNFs
  • RADview management and domain orchestration
  • Third-party and RAD’s Virtualized network functions (VNFs)




Virtualization by RAD

Comprehensive vCPE Toolbox

The most diverse portfolio in the market to meet specific service provider needs.

Service Assured vCPE – Main Values:

  • Any Access: seamless management of RAD’s pluggable PNFs for Carrier Ethernet, cellular, xDSL, PON and TDM

  • Optimized vCPE: slim and high performance operating system

  • High Availability: WAN, NFVI and VNF performance monitoring, troubleshooting and self-healing

  • Open: any VNF − networking, security and IT, any orchestrator and SDN controller, rapid evolution based on open source industry components

  • Any Hardware: RAD’s white box and third-party servers, RAD’s gray box supporting Carrier Ethernet and IP routers and RAD’s pluggable PNFs for access monitoring and timing

vCPE Toolbox




D-NFV Alliance

RAD’s Distributed NFV (D-NFV) Alliance is an ecosystem of application developers and virtual function vendors addressing the enterprise market, as well as orchestrator vendors offering network wide managed end-to-end solutions, from the cloud to the customer premises. Once tested and approved by RAD, these applications are made available to service providers around the globe via RAD’s vCPE platforms, to enhance their service offering for enterprise and SMB customers.

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