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vCPE Edge Virtualization

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Leading the Edge Virtualization

RAD, the industry pioneer of network edge virtualization, provides a comprehensive vCPE Toolbox offering everything CSPs need to roll out carrier-grade, service assured vCPE-based services today:


  • Powerful, open vCPE-OS operating system capable of running on any hardware platform
  • White and gray box platforms, including Carrier Ethernet NIDs (EADs) and IP routers with pluggable x86 server modules
  • Plugware adding a broad spectrum of interface, connectivity, conversion and hardware offload/acceleration capabilities to any white box
  • Virtualized network functions (VNFs), including vRouter, vFirewall, vSD-WAN, vEncryption, vAccess and more
  • RADview management and domain orchestration with standard APIs for quick service rollout and easy migration to third-party orchestrators
  • D-NFV Alliance: pre-tested VNFs and apps



Virtualization by RAD




Service Assured vCPE eBook

Helping CSPs deliver software-centric value added services (VAS)

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vCPE Toolbox: Service Assured Innovation

RAD’s vCPE Toolbox provides service delivery and assurance capabilities combined with rich WAN
connectivity tools for an extended service footprint including in brownfield infrastructure.

Key Take-Aways

Operating System
Operating System

Open, slim and agile ensures high performance of all vCPE aspects (including third-party VNFs). Already integrated with major brands

High Availability
High Availability

Backup and redundancy of network, connections, vCPE system uptime, and NFV infrastructure (NFVI) stability


Wide range of security measures to allow direct and secure connection to data centers over public networks


WAN, NFVI & VNF PM, troubleshooting & self healing; service chain diagnostics, and real-time CPU monitoring


Zero-touch provisioning, VNF onboarding & chaining Maintenance, updates, rollback & tear down

WAN Connectivity
WAN Connectivity

Ubiquitous service look & feel over any access for unified global deployments of any value added service, in every end-customer location

Comprehensive Life-cycle Management

Comprehensive Life-cycle Management




D-NFV Alliance

RAD’s Distributed NFV (D-NFV) Alliance is an ecosystem of application developers and virtual function vendors addressing the enterprise market, as well as orchestrator vendors offering network wide managed end-to-end solutions, from the cloud to the customer premises. Once tested and approved by RAD, these applications are made available to service providers around the globe via RAD’s vCPE platforms, to enhance their service offering for enterprise and SMB customers.

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  • QoS for Rich Communications Services


  • Cloud On-Ramp, Service Provider Style
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  • Commercializing NFV – is vCPE the First Step?

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