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Plugware for White Box CPEs


In this white paper, RAD’s CTO. Dr. Yaakov Stein and Dr. Yuri Gittik, Head of Strategic Innovations propose an economical solution to address white box CPEs’ key challenges. Specifically, they discuss how to reconcile compelling white box principles with the required plethora of different interfaces and high data rates that were provided by yesterday’s physical CPEs.  


And so it begins:
The concept of the white box CPE has taken the industry by storm. Recent analyst reports maintain that the vast majority of service providers intend to deploy them within the next few years, and that the market size is larger than that of any other NFV market segment1. This is quite astounding for a completely new apparatus, and for a network locale that until recently was considered ill-suited for NFV...


    Download White Paper

    Plugware for White Box CPEs

    What You Will Learn:


    • Virtualization

    • Network Functions Virtualization

    • Virtualizing the CPE

    • CPE White Boxes

    • Empower the White Box with Hardware

    • vAccess

    • Conclusions and Direction

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