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Software Appliances

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Software Appliances for Critical Infrastructure Communications

Reduce the number of physical network devices for better reliability and simpler operation, with software appliances running on an x86 D-NFV module integrated within RAD’s Megaplex-4.


TDM, Carrier Ethernet, IP/MPLS, or MPLS-TP services using the same platform

RAD’s Megaplex-4 Integrates higher-level applications (routing, firewall, encryption, SCADA, and more) with communications platform in a single device. Your benefits:

  • Future-ready and flexible solution to meet new application needs
  • Terminal server allows transmission of any serial protocol over IP
  • Supports tailor-made as well as third-party applications, tested and certified by RAD
  • Small footprint 

Software Appliances for CI

RADview Performance Monitoring

The RADview features a network element manager, end-to-end service manager for Carrier Ethernet services, performance monitoring portal for ongoing monitoring of Ethernet and IP services, D-NFV orchestrator for virtual machines and application services at the customer edge, and a network planner for resource optimization and capacity planning.

Featuring client/server architecture with multi-user support, RADview provides intuitive graphic representation of network clouds, links, nodes, end-to-end services, and network status indication. Fully ITU-T FCAPS compliant, it offers security management supporting user access profiles and allowing network partitioning.


The Megaplex-4’s ability to handle a broad range of Ethernet, data and voice services, as well as a large variety of network technologies, in a single compact managed node, makes it an ideal solution for carriers and service providers. The device also provides a perfect fit for large enterprises, utilities and transportation companies who require an efficient way to transport and provision multiple legacy and next-generation services over their high capacity pipes. Megaplex-4 can be used as a central aggregation unit for TDM and Ethernet CPEs that are connected over various access link technologies, e.g., HSDSL and SDH/SONET.

The Megaplex-4 is available with a cable management solution to reduce storage space and handling, and eliminate cable waste.



White Papers

  • A Comparison of Carrier Ethernet and MPLS for Critical Infrastructure Operational Networks

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