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QoS for Rich Communications Services


At MEF 2017, RAD’s CTO, Dr. Yaakov Stein shared technology innovation perspectives, specifically, QoS for rich communications services.


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See all Slides

Customers today are only willing to pay for services with QoE guarantees, but SLAs are based on QoS KPIs and not directly on QoE. In this thought-provoking presentation, Dr. Stein shows rich communications' network functions that make KPIs irrelevant to QoE. Examples:

  • Packet loss can be problematic (experiment: Intrusion Protection Systems)

  • Packet loss can be meaningless (experiment: TCP proxy)

  • Volume loss can be meaningless (experiment: WAN optimization – compression)

  • and so on...

He then continues to expolore how netwrok virtualizaiton affects these problems and also offers some solutions.

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