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2021 Networking Survey Report - EAD


2021 Networking Survey Report - EAD

To gain insight into the new normal for today’s communications services, we surveyed 100 senior network executives from communications service providers around the world.

One key issue many reported is that a long time to connect new branches is losing carriers money. In 56% of cases, it’s taking carriers as much as  60 days or more to connect a new customer location.

Such a long time to cash means that carriers are leaving money on the table. 

It also puts the CSP at churn risk from customers who simply cannot wait so long, and may move to a competitor – not only for their new branch, but across all of their branches.

We also discovered that 100G L2 business services have become mainstream. That was almost unanimous - 98% of respondents said so. 64% already offer this service commercially today. 

And 34% are seeing the arrival and rollout of 100G services within 12-24 months.

The reason for this is clear: As businesses demand more access to cloud services and high bandwidth communications – what used to be reserved for large carrier-to-carrier services is now part of mainstream business communications offerings.

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