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ASMi-52, ASMi-52L

SHDSL Modems

The ASMi-52 SHDSL multiplexer and ASMi-52L SHDSL modem transmit E1/T1, Ethernet or serial data streams on an SHDSL link at various data rates of up to 4.6 Mbps.

Extended range with higher data rates

Incorporating TC-PAM technology for extending the transmission range, the SHDSL modems enable carriers to cost-effectively reach more users with copper lines at higher data rates over longer distances in the First Mile. The devices address the data transmission and Ethernet extension needs of enterprise users. Typical users include municipalities, utilities, corporate connectivity, and cellular backhaul providers.

Key Take-Aways


support for low-rate data and Ethernet in a single device


extension over SHDSL


up to 4.6 Mbps


enclosure fits outdoor and rail-mount installations

Hybrid TDM and Ethernet Access
Use same CPEs and aggregation equipment over DSL, fiber, E1/T1, wireless, or Carrier Ethernet

Tips from experts

SHDSL Modems Enable Light Rail to Offer Automated Ticketing and Credit Card Purchases

Tramway passengers in Augsburg, Germany, pay for tickets with a debit or credit card using an SHDSL solution from RAD Data Communications


Data Sheets

  • Asmi-52 Data Sheet
  • Asmi-52L Data Sheet

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