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Comprehensive vCPE Toolbox

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The most diverse portfolio in the market to meet specific service provider needs: 

  • Cost-optimized vCPE for business services with license-based physical network functions (PNFs) such as routing, NID, tunneling and performance monitoring
  • Scalable solution allows operators to spin-up virtual managed services, from security to routing, SD-WAN to IT services, and much more
  • Powerful, carrier-grade vCPE-OS operating system with open architecture for networking and virtualization on RAD’s vCPE devices or third-party white boxes
  • Whitebox+ delivers wire-speed networking performance while preserving CPU resources for instantiation of additional VNFs
  • Preserve established network operations procedures, avoid extra boxes
  • Pluggable PNFs to enhance any white box: MEF 2.0 NID, PM responder/generator, PDH/SDH/SONET uplink, TDM user interface, 1588 PTP GM

RAD’s innovative approach enables service providers to start with a white box uCPE that can host VNFs, and then later activate licensed-based PNFs (e.g., a NID or hardware-based router functionality). Alternatively, a customer can start with a L2/L3 NID, with a modular x86 server added later for hosting VNF as virtual machines and full uCPE functionality.

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