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Service Assured Networking for Power Utilities

Performance Guaranteed Solutions for Automation, Protection, Security, and ICT Networking

RAD's Service Assured Networking for Power Utilities

Service Assured Networking for Power Utilities

As a power utility communications professional, you face quite a few challenges.

From  finding replacements for obsolete equipment to guaranteeing the performance of mission critical systems, and ensuring security in the midst of perpetual cyber threats.

So when you need to upgrade or expand your network, which path should you take?

At RAD, we specialize in Service Assured Networking solutions to ensure the best evolutionary migration path for complex, mission-critical communication networks.

RAD’s Service Assured Networking provides reliable, secure, scalable, managed, and performance guaranteed solutions.

Service Assured Networking capabilities include service provisioning, traffic management, timing synchronization, TDM pseudowire, ongoing performance monitoring, fault management and various resiliency mechanisms – with carrier-grade Ethernet technology & Native SDH/SONET.

Here’s how you can design and manage the best evolutionary migration path.

Based on RAD’s simple, secure, resilient, and proven Carrier Ethernet solutions, you can build and manage your Operational Core network. Carrier Ethernet offers affordable and reliable  tools for traffic management, performance monitoring and legacy support to safely replace old SDH/SONET networks.

With our reliable Traffic Duplication technology for Multiservice substation traffic you can deliver all traffic over existing SDH/SONET networks and your new Carrier Grade Ethernet operational network - for lower latency and greater resiliency.

In new substations, RAD’s IEC61850-3 switch/router converts Legacy SCADA protocols to IP based protocols.

To ensure teleprotection, our Distance and Differential Teleprotection solution connects over TDM and Low Latency packet switched networks.

And yes. We do have power utility customers running Teleprotection over their packet switched  network.

RAD also offers Integrated security and Scada firewall tools embedded in its solution to Secure Mission Critical SCADA Traffic.

RAD’s  solutions also enable backhauling of distribution automation and smart metering applications over any infrastructure.

At RAD, we’ve helped scores of energy utilities and system integrators around the world choose the right network migration path for their power utility communications challenges.

RAD’s Service Assured Networking. The best evolutionary migration solution for all your Transmission and Distribution communications needs.

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