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IP and Carrier Ethernet Demarcation with D-NFV

Part of RAD’s Service Assured Access solutions, the ETX-2i line of next-generation NID/NTUs and Ethernet demarcation device options enables advanced demarcation for SLA-based, L2 and L3 business services, wholesale services and mobile backhaul. The ETX-2i offers a variety of Ethernet network products supporting 1-GbE, 10-GbE (10GB Ethernet) and 100-GbE connections.

Virtualization by RAD
MEF CE 2.0
MEF 3.0
MEF 3.0 demarcation and universal CPE (uCPE)

The ETX-2i also serves as a Universal CPE (uCPE), Whitebox+, which enhances a pluggable x86 server module with plugware to enable superior performance for vCPE applications. It is supported by RADview management and orchestration.

Key Take-Aways


with embedded physical network functions in a single device to optimize inventory

Full suite

of Carrier Ethernet demarcation and aggregation capabilities, up to 100 GbE rates


Carrier-class operating system uses interoperable NETCONF protocol


Networking performance while preserving CPU resources for instantiation of additional VNFs 


CE 2.0 and IP service delivery over any access infrastructure

Flexible virtualization of business CPE functionalities across access, aggregation and core domains.
Carrier Ethernet and IP VPNs
Easily plan, deploy, provision, and maintain SLA-based business and cloud access services with the same “look and feel” over any access.
Performance Monitoring for Business Services
Performance monitoring for L2, L3 VPNs to assure service level agreement (SLA) for businesses.
Mobile Backhaul
Multi-CoS backhaul with service management and diagnostics, flexible topologies. 
Wholesale Networking
Provide wholesale Carrier Ethernet transport services to multiple service providers with complete visibility and controlled service hand-off between multiple networks.
Highway Communications
Backhaul high-definition video feeds and roadside display board data from remote facilities over fiber, high throughput sub-6 GHz radio links and 10-GbE rings.
Wireless Broadband Mobility for Trains and Metros
Deliver on-board video surveillance, infotainment and WiFi in moving vehicles using easy-to-deploy base stations and Ethernet access switches.
Broadband Mobility for Police and Military
Deliver real-time video surveillance feeds to and from patrol staff in the field. 

Tips from experts

RAD’s vCPE Toolbox Demo

Various vCPE flavors and deployment scenarios using RAD’s vCPE Toolbox

RAD’s vCPE Toolbox Demo
RAD Shares Insights on Latest Developments in vCPE & SD-WAN, & the MEF17 Silver Award Winning PoC
Interview with Ilan Tevet at MEF17
vCPE Market Outlook

This Light Reading report provides current market outlook for network functions virtualization (NFV) and its most prominent use case, the virtualized customer premises equipment (vCPE).

vCPE for Business Services

Flexible virtualization of business CPE functionalities across access, aggregation and core domains

RAD CEO Dror Bin Shares vCPE and SD-WAN Market Insights at BCE 2017
RAD CEO Dror Bin Shares vCPE and SD-WAN Market Insights at BCE 2017


Data Sheet

  • ETX-2i-100G
  • ETX-2i-10G Version 6.8.0
  • ETX-2i (1G and 10G devices) Version 6.7.1


  • QoS for Rich Communications Services
  • TWAMP Explained

White Papers

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  • RAD’s vCPE Solution Brief at Intel’s Network Builders


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