RAD is a global leader for telecom access solutions. As an industry pioneer for over 40 years, RAD reliably supplies worldwide communications service providers and critical infrastructure operators with best-of-breed Ethernet access devices, industrial IoT gateways, 5G xHaul, and Operational WAN solutions. Offering always-on connectivity from anywhere, along with data-driven, AI-powered actionable insights, RAD is distinguished for its supply-chain stability, which outsteps the market in delivery times. Founded in 1981, RAD serves as the anchor of the $1.6 billion RAD Group, an umbrella of independent companies that develop diverse networking and data communications solutions.

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RADinsight PM

Insights-as-a-Service Means Customer-Experience-as-a-Service

EAD/NID network traffic analysis for CSP customer care call centers and telecom management for first level performance monitoring, troubleshooting and resolution. Delivers meaningful, actionable customer-centric insights. Per service, per customer.

RADinsight PM
Network Performance Monitoring for Customer Service Assurance: Insights as a Service

RADinsight PM performs networking traffic analysis for network troubleshooting and network management. Its intent-based networking insights for service providers and their L2 business customers works by harnessing EAD/NID data. 

The Need

Networking connectivity problems reported to customer care call centers are usually outside the CSP scope of responsibility. With RADinsight, network call center issues (outages, dropouts, delays, low speed, VoIP quality, etc.) are addressed at the service desk level, saving CSPs on support-ticket OpEx by immediately determining the source instead of needing to escalate to tech support, require a truck roll or unnecessary CPE replacement, or even approach the vendor. 

You'll simplify customer support workflows by shortening support calls, reducing the number of repeat calls, and combating the need to escalate ticket resolution.

How It Works

As a subscription-based SaaS, RADinsight PM offers actionable insights to increase telecom network management productivity, and customer satisfaction. When looking for network performance monitoring tools, this netflow traffic analyzer benefits CSP customer care centers, enterprise business customers, and end users. RADinsight PM uses AI-powered analysis that is intent-based and autonomous, providing end-to-end network visibility solutions by harnessing user traffic samples and KPIs collected from RAD EADs, presenting them as contextual user and service data. In doing so, RADinsight also displays historical data and operational recommendations in a relatable fashion. 

User Friendly

Both CSPs and enterprise customers can diagnose performance on the network, and enterprises can validate CSP internet and ethernet service level agreements via a self-service portal. 

Key Take-Aways

Save on OpEx, Raise Customer Satisfaction

Call center tickets get resolved at the first level, increasing customer satisfaction and reducing churn. 

Single Pane of Glass

Holistic network traffic analyzer for LAN, WAN and Internet/Cloud network service assurance from both enterprise and business customer perspectives.

QoE: Cloud-Based Network Performance Solutions

Diagnose network performance for quality-of-experience monitoring and overall network quality of experience.

WAN Connectivity
Cost Effective

Cloud-hosted, subscription-based service on demand.

Instant, Intuitive

First level support call center staff address customer connectivity issues with immediate network fault isolation.

CX as a Service
Networking Traffic Data Analysis: Insights-as-a-Service

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