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Ceragon IP-50

Disaggregated Wireless Transport Platform

Ceragon’s IP-50 series resolves modern wireless transport challenges via disaggregation
that is implemented in three independent innovation paths: Radio, networking hardware
and networking software.

Ceragon’s IP-50 series comprises of:

• IP-50E: 20 Gps/link universal E-Band radio

– Radio capacity: 20 Gps (2+0 XPIC configuration, utilizing two units)

• IP-50C: Universal quad-carrier microwave solution – up to 8 Gbps

– The capacity you need, in any range, with 224-MHz channel support – up to 8 Gbps

– 4x4 LoS MIMO

• IP-50S: Universal microwave radio

– Simple upgrade – utilize existing link in conjunction with the IP-50S with layer 1 carrier Bonding

• IP-50FX: Disaggregated wireless hauling router

– White box, merchant-silicon based hardware, with Ceragon Radio Aware Open Networking software for zero-compromise open-platform migration

Key Take-Aways


frequency reuse (IP-50C)


upgrade – utilize existing link in conjunction with the IP-50E with Layer 1 carrier Bonding


tower load and shelter space with 4+0 configuration in all-outdoor (IP-50C)


space diversity (IP-50C)

Multiservice Operational WAN for Air-Traffic Control
Uninterrupted Communications Between Traffic Control Centers
Operational WAN for Trains and Metros
Protected Connectivity between Stations and Control Rooms

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