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Carrier Ethernet Demarcation

The ETX-2 line of next-generation IP and Carrier Ethernet NID/NTUs offers advanced demarcation for SLA-based business services, wholesale services and mobile backhaul. 

ETX-2 Family
MEF CE 2.0
MEF CE 2.0 certified with traffic management and monitoring per EVC/EVC.CoS

The ETX-2 is MEF Carrier Ethernet 2.0-certified for E-Line, E-LAN, E-Tree, and E-Access services, as well as delivering TDM pseudowire over packet networks. Supporting high capacity service provisioning per EVC/EVC.CoS, flexible classification and H-QoS traffic management, it also performs accurate and scalable service testing and performance monitoring. The ETX-2 is supported by RADview management and enables a variety of protection mechanisms. It also offers NEBS-compliant and environmentally hardened enclosure options.

Key Take-Aways


and aggregation for SLA-based IP VPNs, Carrier Ethernet 2.0 and TDM over packet


monitoring, diagnostic and troubleshooting


synchronization for LTE/LTE-A backhaul


service delivery over any access infrastructure


Carrier Ethernet Device with LTE/Broadband Connectivity

  • Five FE/GbE ports with flexible selection of SFP and copper interfaces
  • Optional built-in LTE modem with global service coverage
  • Secure EVC tunneling over private IP/LTE networks or over the internet
  • Full suite of MEF CE-2.0 capabilities for SLA monitoring, diagnostics and fault detection
  • Data and management protection using LTE or broadband
  • Integrated wide-range AC/DC power supply


Carrier Ethernet and IP VPNs
Easily plan, deploy, provision, and maintain SLA-based business and cloud access services with the same “look and feel” over any access.
Performance Monitoring for Business Services
Performance monitoring for L2, L3 VPNs to assure service level agreement (SLA) for businesses.
TDM Services over Packet Networks
Maintain legacy TDM services over new packet networks.
Hybrid TDM and Ethernet Access
Use same CPEs and aggregation equipment over DSL, fiber, E1/T1, wireless, or Carrier Ethernet
Mobile Backhaul
Multi-CoS backhaul with service management and diagnostics, flexible topologies. 
Timing Synchronization for Mobile Networks
Frequency/phase for LTE/LTE-A macro and small cells with a fully featured PTP Grandmaster, including built-in GPS, Sync-E, IEEE 1588 and backup.
Wholesale Networking
Provide wholesale Carrier Ethernet transport services to multiple service providers with complete visibility and controlled service hand-off between multiple networks.
Highway Communications
Backhaul high-definition video feeds and roadside display board data from remote facilities over fiber, high throughput sub-6 GHz radio links and 10-GbE rings.
Wireless Broadband Mobility for Trains and Metros
Deliver on-board video surveillance, infotainment and WiFi in moving vehicles using easy-to-deploy base stations and Ethernet access switches.
Broadband Mobility for Police and Military
Deliver real-time video surveillance feeds to and from patrol staff in the field. 

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