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The Other Side of Network Migration: Where Did My Leased Line Go?

May 27, 2019

In our last blog post, we’ve discussed how critical infrastructure communications networks are affected by equipment vendors discontinuing their legacy devices in favor of newer generations. While we focused on critical infrastructure organizations’ own networks, the migration to packet technologies has another aspect – that of TDM lines leased from service providers to supplement connectivity gaps of utilities, for example.

Among such leased lines are T1, sub-T1 and various types of serial interfaces (e.g., X.21) that have been in use for many years to connect remote substations and other mission critical locations and services.

With the advent of technology, service providers are retiring these services, as they are too costly to maintain and do not fit within the new world of IP/MPLS and network functions virtualization (NFV). Some CPSs, upon shutting down their TDM networks and services, do offer a way for former LL subscribers to connect their old equipment to the new network, typically in the form of pseudowire solutions that convert TDM traffic to packet and allow that traffic to traverse the new network.

What about service reliability?

But not all CSPs are offering these services that bridge the old with the new, or, if they do – the extra cost involved in ensuring maximum reliability as required in a mission critical environment may prove to be prohibitive. So what is a critical infrastructure network operator to do? Luckily, RAD has the answer! The Megaplex-1 Multiservice Pseudowire Access Gateway was designed for exactly this purpose. This compact device was developed with the needs of critical infrastructure operators in mind, to allow them to safely transport analog and TDM traffic originating from legacy circuit-switched devices, over Carrier Ethernet or IP/MPLS links. With a scalable TDM over packet pseudowire engine, it offers comprehensive support for Ethernet, PDH, high and low speed data, analog voice, and even Teleprotection devices.

Most importantly, the Megaplex-1 ensures maximum service uptime and reliable resiliency with ultra-fast hitless restoration – everything mission critical networks require for a seamless migration to PSN communications!


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