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CSP Survey: L2 Business Services and 5G xHaul


The reliance on telecommunications has sky-rocketed over the past 18 months, as almost every part of the way that we live and work has changed dramatically.


And so it begins...

To gain insight into the new normal for today’s communications services, we surveyed 100 executives around the world from the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, India, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Colombia, Germany, Austria and France.


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    What's in the report?


    • Customer required speeds, 2020/2021
    • Ethernet access device buying criteria
    • Top EAD use casess
    • 100G availability for L2 business services
    • Root causes of service calls 
    • Typical time-to-cash 
    • Top challenges delivering L2 business services
    • Key attributes of new business services
    • Cell site gateway (CSG) selection criteria for 4G/5G
    • Top challenges delivering 5G xHaul wholesale services

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