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RAD’s Performance Monitoring for Mobile Networks

RAD’s Performance Monitoring for Mobile Networks

RAD's Performance Monitoring for Mobile Networks

In order to make your users truly happy, you have to understand exactly how they experience your service. Yet, since mobile networks are made up of a mixed assortment of backhaul technologies and base-station generations, that's easier said than done.

Most  operators today are forced to measure service performance according to the most common tests that their network supports.

That's not enough to guarantee end-to-end quality of experience.

From now on, there's no need to compromise.

RAD is proud to introduce performance monitoring - the way it should be.

RAD's Service Assured Access solutions include a revolutionary Performance Monitoring add-on for any existing mobile network.

It provides deep visibility that ensures the best experience for the latest business, video, and gaming services, throughout your LTE or LTE-Advanced network.

RAD's Performance Monitoring solution combines  powerful elements for optimal results:

  • The RADview™ Performance Monitoring Portal - to analyze and report key performance indicators, and
  • The PM Controller: a central generator for always on performance monitoring, on-demand testing and troubleshooting,
  • and, to add even MORE Performance Monitoring capabilities to your network, RAD offers the MiNID®, a miniature programmable NID that plugs into your equipment, and immediately upgrades it with a full range of performance monitoring, activation testing and diagnostic capabilities.

There's no need to replace your installed base, or train your technicians.

Simple, scalable, and powerful.

RAD's Service Assured Access - Performance Monitoring Solution.

Give your customers the experience they deserve!

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