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1588 Grandmaster on an SFP with Built-In GNSS

RAD’s MiCLK® is the world’s first Grandmaster on an SFP, allowing easy upgrades for existing base stations and backhaul equipment to support IEEE 1588 for LTE/LTE-A and future 5G deployments.

Virtualization by RAD
Highly accurate time distribution closer to the cell site, at a lower cost

Easily plugged into service routers to simultaneously distribute frequency and time, the patented MiCLK eliminates the need to install GPS/GNSS antennas at every cell site while providing highly accurate timing distribution with full network coverage – even in underground and in-building installations. It is also ideal for 4G small-cell deployments. The field-proven MiCLK allows service providers to dramatically reduce installation and engineering costs by eliminating the need for additional space or power requirements.

Key Take-Aways

Cost efficiency

by bringing PTP Grandmaster closer to the cell site


and frequency accuracy for LTE/LTE-A and 5G macro and small cells


backup and resiliency options to ensure optimal service uptime

Full coverage

even in underground and indoor installations


pluggable device: no installation, engineering or dedicated training required

Flexible virtualization of business CPE functionalities across access, aggregation and core domains.
Timing Synchronization for Mobile Networks
Frequency/phase for LTE/LTE-A macro and small cells with a fully featured PTP Grandmaster, including built-in GPS, Sync-E, IEEE 1588 and backup.


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