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Ethernet over Bonded PDH NTU

The RICi-16 connects Fast Ethernet LANs over multiple bonded PDH links, enabling service providers to extend high capacity Ethernet-based services to remote locations.

MEF EPL and EVPL services over bonded PDH

The RICi-16 is also ideal for backhauling Ethernet traffic from IP Node Bs and IP DSLAMs over copper-based or microwave PDH connections. Employing standard Ethernet over NG-PDH technology, the RICi-16 improves overall network availability by reducing latency and optimizing line utilization and throughput. The RICi-16 is MEF-certified for Ethernet Private Line and Ethernet Virtual Private Line services. It is equipped with advanced Ethernet SLA capabilities for handling multi-priority traffic, ensuring latency, jitter and packet delivery performance on a per-flow basis. The RICi-16 features a “pay-as-you-grow” license model, allowing the addition of E1/T1 links according to evolving bandwidth requirements.

Key Take-Aways

Fast Ethernet

over multiple bonded E1/T1 circuits or T3 ports


Ethernet over PDH circuit bonding 


(MEF-9, MEF-14) for EPL, EVPL services


management, QoS an performance monitoring 


for extending high capacity Ethernet-based services to remote locations


Data Sheet

  • RICi-16 Data Sheet

White Papers

  • Application Guide: Managing the Carrier Ethernet Service Lifecycle
Data Sheet
White Papers

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