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Brazilian Utility CELPE Implements 1Gbps Ethernet Ring Using RAD’s Megaplex Platform

Increases Network Speed, Improves Security and Provides Service Assured Networking for SCADA and Telemetry Applications
Nov 25, 2013

CELPE, the Brazilian power utility in the state of Pernambuco, is now completing the second phase in the upgrade of its communications network by extending its digital backbone to the city of Serra Talhada, 415 kilometers from its corporate headquarters in Recife.

To accomplish this, CELPE acquired and installed fourteen Megaplex-4 multiservice access nodes manufactured by RAD, the international manufacturer of communications access solutions for power utilities. The Megaplex units, a prime component of RAD’s Service Assured Networking solution, were integrated into twelve CELPE sites, comprised of eleven substations and its main network core situated at its integrated operations center.

In the first phase of the project, which was completed about a year ago, CELPE replaced its old 2 Mbps PDH infrastructure with RAD’s Megaplex-2100 platform. In this way, the original optical transport network became a 155 Mbps Ethernet ring with central management of all legacy and new packet-switched Ethernet services. This enables the eventual migration to an all-packet infrastructure and the implementation of all Smart Grid compatible projects.

In addition to extending the optical network to Serra Talhada, which has 85,000 inhabitants, the new phase of the project and the deployment of the Megaplex-4 increases CELPE’s network speed from 155 Mbps to 1Gbps, and sets this higher speed as the standard for the company’s new projects.

Seamless Migration of Old Serial Circuits
According to Maurício Santos Moraes Lobo, CELPE´s Telecommunications Manager, RAD´s multiservice Service Assured Networking solution provides seamless migration from SDH to the new model of intelligent networks with full utilization of old serial circuits such as TDM voice and RS232.

“Megaplex also enables us to adhere to the power sector’s new security and automation protocols,” Mr. Lobo states. In fact, CELPE is replacing its current DNP3 protocol to be compliant with the requirements of IEC 61850, a new standard for automation and security that is designed for the Smart Grid.

Using the Megaplex platform and RAD’s Service Assured Networking solution, CELPE can deliver guaranteed services for production and mission-critical systems over its new architecture. These include SCADA traffic information and telemetry channels for the electricity that enters and exits the substations that are connected to the network.

CELPE also transmits over its Ethernet network Qualimetry applications (which monitor power quality) and all data and PBX services, including telecommunications, Voice over IP and analog traffic.

Supports QoS and Power Distribution Automation
Counting these fourteen new Megaplex-4 units, CELPE’s installed base of Megaplex access nodes will reach 40 devices, all of which will be connected over fiber optic lines. The new IP network also supports QoS (Quality of Service) applications and power distribution automation. CELPE´s forecast is that by the end of 2015, at least 25 additional substations will be integrated into the Ethernet ring network.

RAD’s utility customers include AES, Endesa, Enel, Eskom, Hydro Quebec, IEC, Kepco, Meralco, E-on, Elia, Nampower, National Grid USA, Novosibirsk Energo, Powercor, and Terna Italia.

CELPE distributes and sells power to 184 municipalities of Pernambuco state and to the archipelago of Fernando de Noronha, and also serves the city of Pedra do Fogo in the state of Paraíba. CELPE’s production plant includes two 138/69 kV substations and 132 69/3 8 kV substations, all of which are automated. The company has 3,960 kilometers of transmission lines and 121,000 kilometers of distribution extensions, operating with 103,000 distribution transformers.

CELPE has 160 automated distribution keys, and controls its entire structure from a single distribution center located in Recife.

In the 2012 fiscal year CELPE’s profits reached the equivalent of U.S. $2.427 billion. For more information about CELPE visit

About RAD (Utilities)

RAD is a leader in secure communications solutions for the critical infrastructure of power utilities and other segments of the energy industry. Our Service Assured Networking solutions include best-of-breed tools for cyber security and mission-critical communications, as well as for seamless migration to modern packet switched networks and applications.

RAD provides field-proven solutions for operational WAN, ruggedized substation LAN, automation backhaul, Teleprotection, wireless PTP/PTMP, and broadband mobility.

Founded in 1981, RAD has an installed base of more than 15 million units and is a member of the $1.46 billion RAD Group of companies, a world leader in communications solutions.

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