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SE Asian Telecom Giant Transforms its Business Offering with RAD’s vCPE Toolbox

Aug 19, 2019

Communications service providers (CSPs) are finding themselves facing fierce competition in the business services segment, both from OTT giants offering simple – and cheap – cloud connectivity services, and from SD-WAN vendors offering a low-cost alternative to IP VPNs. To maintain their revenue base and foster growth, CSPs need to find unique ways to make themselves indispensable to their enterprise customers.

Such was the dilemma of a tier-1 service provider in South East Asia, who has opted to use RAD’s Service Assured vCPE solution as part of a project to completely transform its network to NFV/SDN. Until recently, the service provider’s main service portfolio has focused primarily on IP VPNs, but our vCPE Toolbox allows it to introduce added value to business customers across the nation. The chosen solution includes the ETX-2v uCPE and ETX-1p pCPE platforms to be deployed at business premises, both of which are running on an open vCPE-OS that manages the virtualization resources, as well as the RADview Domain Orchestrator integrated with the SDN/NFV Orchestrator selected by the service provider.

RAD’s uCPE and pCPE will be used to continue delivering existing IP VPN services over MPLS and broadband, but will also enable a myriad of value added services (VAS) that were simply not possible until now. Such services include secure, and reliable, access to private and public clouds, customized firewall, DDoS solutions, Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS)/IPS, and many more.  

The service provider also plans to further distinguish itself from the competition by using the vCPE Toolbox to offer customized services to specific verticals, such as hospitality, retail and supply chain management. For example, a service package tailored to retail branches could include a firewall for local internet breakout, WAN optimization, managed WiFi controller, and a managed CCTV service, whereas in the logistics sector it could also include managed RFID for asset tracking and vehicle tracking.

What’s more, this will allow enterprise and SME end-customers to use a self-service portal to independently deploy and activate various functions of their business data service.

All in all, there’s still plenty of room to apply forward thinking and maintain a competitive edge.

Read the full press release here.


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