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Reduce CSP Support OpEx with a SaaS E2E Performance Monitor

by Sharon Rozov, Marketing CTO
Feb 28, 2022

Summary Bullets:

  • Only 24% of CSP customer internet service complaints were attributable to the CSP domain. 

  • A real-time E2E SaaS performance monitor solution will reduce support OpEx for CSPs

“My internet isn’t working!” How many customers call your support center daily, complaining about internet disruptions? And of those, how many problems actually originate with you, their CSP? Turns out that most end-user internet service complaints are not due to anything on the CSP end. In fact, according to RAD’s 2021 CSP Survey of 100 CSP executives worldwide, only 24% of customer internet service complaints were attributable to the CSP domain.

So, you’re the first line of support, but 76% of the complaints aren’t due to CSP network status. That means 3/4 of the support you’re dealing with - and paying for - isn’t yours to support.



Insights as a Service

Given the 76% not-the-CSP’s-fault statistic, it begs the question: How might you, as the CSP, reduce the number of tech support calls - even up to that 76% - so that your customer support only has to investigate problems within your service domain? Imagine the OpEx savings on call center staff and resources as well as technical support  - online or on prem. Consider all the truck rolls and unnecessary CPE replacements you would avoid, trying to assess whether it’s your domain problem or a third party’s.

If only you could immediately know whether the source of the problem is in your domain.

On Its Way: Insights As A Service Dashboard

An AI-driven SaaS solution is on the cusp of a release which harnesses RAD EAD/NID data to isolate whether the problem area is caused by a CSP connectivity issue, or from a different, 3rd-party network segment. Viewable on a single pane of glass, this network performance monitor is suitable for professionals, tech support, call support, and even end users. Network traffic analysis - without interrupting customer connectivity for troubleshooting.

Save the costs (and headaches) of so much unnecessary customer support. Stay tuned for updates on this upcoming insights-as-a-service PM release.

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