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Helping CSPs Deliver Software-centric Value Added Services

May 06, 2019

Network disaggregation, and NFV in particular, opens the door for communications service providers (CSPs) to make their technology validation and procurement cycles more agile. It also allows them to introduce new services faster, becoming less dependent on their traditional network equipment providers (NEPs) and avoiding vendor lock-in. In addition, NFV is changing not only pricing models, but the entire supply chain, with CSPs developing their own software. This redefines the role of NEPs and system integrators, who must adapt to a new set of game rules.

Minding the gap(s)

Despite its many intended benefits, however, many CSPs are still struggling with the business case of vCPE, due to the high license costs of brand-name VNFs. Open source VNFs are increasingly being considered a viable alternative, but one which requires relevant support and maintenance to ensure a carrier-grade service.

Other gaps include carrier-grade assurance, which has become critical with virtualization, more demanding users and cloud service adoption; limited connectivity; lack of expertise in automation; the cost of security; and backward compatibility.

We have just released the definitive Service Assured vCPE eBook. It provides a comprehensive review of market dynamics, key CSP challenges in vCPE deployments and the essential vCPE checklist. We also examine RAD’s Service Assured vCPE Toolbox and what CSPs can do with it, with special attention to deployment scenarios and use cases.

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