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RAD Values

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RAD's Core Values

RAD embraces the highest possible standards in its business practices and its relationships with partners, customers, stakeholders, and employees. These are our core values

Customers First

Our customers and channel partners’ success is critical to our business and we are committed to bringing them maximum value.

Can Do

We take initiative and we achieve results.

First Time Right

We pursue excellence in everything we do. We are vigilant about quality and continued improvement.


We introduce innovation in our technology and processes to bring unique business value.


We build trust by promoting honesty and transparency and by keeping our commitments to our customers, partners and employees.

Respect the Individual

We conduct ourselves with dignity and civility. We value other people’s time, opinions and privacy.


We work better together. We share knowledge, promote cross-organizational collaboration and are receptive to new ideas.

Social and Environmental Responsibility

We care and contribute to the community and the environment.




Company Profile

Our customers are top-tier service providers, power utilities, mass transportation systems, and government agencies. We are at the forefront of pioneering technologies

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