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RADinsight Explained

Marketing and Business Development VP Ilan Tevet explains the benefits of the RADinsight network traffic analysis performance monitoring tool for CSPs (1-min)


Do you offer premium networking services to business customers?
Do you want to save time and money on customer support? Listen here.

You know all those help desk complaints about service outages? It turns out, in 76% of cases, the root cause is NOT in YOUR network.

This means you waste time and money on your call center, tech support, and truck rolls, troubleshooting problems that are not yours.

Now, RAD is offering a solution for immediate, remote fault isolation that is per service, per customer: RADinsight, a Cloud-Based, AI-powered performance monitoring solution.

RADinsight harnesses the data from RAD’s renowned ethernet access devices, to provide an end-to-end view of your customer’s user experience. You can also use RADinsight to view problems even before your customer feels them, and even when the root cause is outside your network.

Save the headache. Reduce support costs. Improve customer loyalty.

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