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Service Assured Networking for Urban Rail and Monorail

A wireless urban railway communication network must incorporate robust defense mechanisms to protect it from interference, spoofing and jamming. Moreover, it must provide prioritization, quality of service (QoS) and always-on connectivity with minimum downtime in order to simultaneously support CCTV video surveillance, WiFi, VoIP/PTToIP, and other critical applications.

RAD’s Service Assured Networking solutions for transportation systems include Airmux Mobility, which is specifically designed to address the demanding requirements of onboard communications. Airmux Mobility delivers the highest throughput and guaranteed bandwidth to each railway car, even on subways and monorail lines. It also offers bi-directional and assymetrical train-to-track bandwith with per-train QoS guarantees. This allows critical services such as displays, panic buttons, PTT (push-to-talk), telemetry, ticketing machines, and video streaming to be transported to and from the train and control and operations centers. Airmux Mobility is fully compliant with railway environmental standards such as EN 50155, EN 61373, EN 50121, and IP67, which are prerequisites for equipment installed on trains and metros.

Reduces Costs and Risks
Due to Airmux Mobility’s best-in-class radio performance and interference immunity, base stations provide extended coverage, even if they are located in tunnels or other underground facilities. This not only ensures QoS and continuous connectivity, but also eliminates the CapEx that would otherwise have to be invested to accomplish the same result. The use of sub-6GHz unlicensed bands, moreover, significantly reduces OpEx without any effect on customer experience. This is because Airmux Mobility provides dedicated bandwidth allocation and service level agreements (SLAs) per train with equivalent – or even better –QoS and interference immunity that would be obtained over licensed bands. The solution assures a fast handover time under 50ms, which allows continuous transmission of critical applications (e.g., CCTV) along the entire line. The handover process functions independently of any central unit (controller), and all decisions are decentralized at the radio level so that there is no single point of failure.

RAD’s comprehensive offering is comprised of its Airmux-5000 point-tomultipoint Ethernet radio and ETX-2 IP and Carrier Ethernet demarcation devices. Configuration, provisioning, monitoring, and both network and end-to-end service management, are provided by the RADview carrier-class network management system.

Delivering the Highest Mobile Throughput and Guaranteed Bandwidth for Onboard Communications

Typical UsersTypical Users

Metropolitan mass transit authorities

Typical ApplicationTypical Application

High-speed mobile access on moving trains, subways and monorail systems

Features Features

  • Seamless bi-directional and assymetrical train-to-track connectivity with sub-50 msec handover
  • Long-range above and below-ground coverage between base stations
  • Transmits over license-free sub-6 GHz frequencies
  • Fully compliant with railway standards and IP67
  • Simple installation, configuration and maintenance
  • Built-in encryption, robust interference immunity mechanisms
  • RADview carrier-class network management system

Benefits Benefits

  • Enables QoS guarantees for critical applications on moving vehicles including CCTV, voice and data, with no single point of failure
  • Reduces number of base stations, which reduces CapEx
  • Eliminates licensing costs and bureaucracy
  • Critical applications unaffected by temperature, humidity, shock, vibration, and intrusion
  • Quick set-up, lowers OpEx
  • Secure communications, no spoofing
  • Provides configuration, provisioning, monitoring, and both network and end-to-end service management

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