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Service Assured Networking for Railway Operators

Service Assured Networking for Railway Operators

Facilitating Non-Disruptive Migration to Next Generation Networks

Railway companies are increasingly expressing their interest in integrated turnkey core and remote station connectivity solutions with a single network management system (NMS). They employ these solutions to interconnect their operational and IT traffic into their networks and backhaul the data carried from remote locations along hundreds of kilometers of track.

RAD’s Service Assured Networking (SAN) solution is ideal for such applications. Comprised of a full hardware integrated network, SAN also includes RAD’s carrier-grade Ethernet core, multiservice over fiber capability, third-party microwave links, and a single management system that enables the customer to administer and monitor the entire network.

RAD cooperates with third-party companies in order to provide complete solutions to its customers. As part of its turnkey solution for railways, RAD has integrated the provisioning and monitoring functionality of Ceragon’s IP-10 links and other solutions provided by additional microwave products into its RADview management system. This allows the railway operators to display trap messages from both the RAD and microwave vendor devices in the RADview event browser.

RAD’s SAN solution is based on the company’s Megaplex-4 Next Generation Multiservice Access Node, which is deployed at railway stations to transmit the operational and IT traffic to ETX-2 and ETX-5, 1/10 GbE carrier-grade Ethernet core switches. Third-party microwave links from Ceragon or other vendors extend the network to remote sites. All are managed by RAD’s RADView NMS, which simplifies operations while reducing CapEx.

RAD’s extensive international experience, technical expertise and inhouse engineering combine to facilitate non-disruptive migration to next generation networks.

Service Assured Networking for Railway Operators

Typical UsersTypical Users

Railway operators

Typical ApplicationTypical Application

Core and remote station connectivity over fiber and microwave using a single NMS

Features Features

  • Employs a single NMS
  • Interoperable with Ceragon and other third-party microwave products
  • Multiservice single-box solution for multiple applications

Benefits Benefits

  • Simplifies operations, reduces CapEx
  • Extends networks to remote sites
  • Reduces CapEx and OpEx, lowers power consumption, takes up less shelf space

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