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SHDSL.bis EFM Repeaters

RAD’s S-RPT and S-RPT/4W extend the transmission distance of SHDSL or SHDSL.bis modems operating on 2-wire or 4-wire lines, respectively.

Double the transmission distance over bonded SHDSL

Employing TC-PAM 16/TC-PAM 32 technology, the S-RPT and S-RPT/4W SHDSL repeaters can double the transmission distances. Typical applications include DSL links alongside highways, railways, pipelines, power lines, and waterways, as well as DSL transport to remote concentrators in rural or remote areas, and communication lines to military, construction or temporary field camps and sites. Installed between two SHDSL modems, the S-RPT and S-RPT/4W regenerate the received modem signal faultlessly. Multiple repeaters can be used, without introducing jitter or wander problems.


Data Sheets

  • S-RPT/EFM Data Sheet
  • S-RPT Data Sheet
Data Sheets

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