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vCPE-Based SD-Branch

Disaggregated vCPE for Business Services

Comprehensive branch offering in a single box for networking, security and IT applications

vCPE-Based SD-Branch

Your Benefits


vCPE-OS with a powerful built-in router on all boxes


vCPE architecture allows choise of applications and scale


White box to branch requirements


allows assured seamless connectivity over Ethernet fiber/ copper, xDSL/GPON and LTE


of operations with orchestrated lifecycle management

Featured Products

ETX-2 Family

The ETX-2 is MEF Carrier Ethernet 2.0-certified for E-Line, E-LAN, E-Tree, and E-Access services, as well as delivering TDM pseudowire over packet networks. Supporting high capacity service provisioning per EVC/EVC.CoS, flexible classification and H-QoS traffic management, it also performs accurate and scalable service testing and performance monitoring. The ETX-2 is supported by RADview management and enables a variety of protection mechanisms. It also offers NEBS-compliant and environmentally hardened enclosure options.


The ETX-2i also serves as a Universal CPE (uCPE), Whitebox+, which enhances a pluggable x86 server module with plugware to enable superior performance for vCPE applications. It is supported by RADview management and orchestration.


The ETX-2v supports a wide range of business customers and user scenarios, from small offices to large sites, using a variety of bandwidth and processing power options.

MiNID Sleeve

Part of RAD’s vCPE Toolbox portfolio, the MiNID enriches the Service Assured Access offering with software-defined functionalities for enhanced demarcation, remote monitoring and fault isolation, as well as remote packet capture and micro-burst measurement capabilities. MiNID also provides instant upgrades for legacy switches and routers, as well as for vCPE platforms and COTS servers. This helps service providers, mobile operators and wholesale carriers introduce new services quickly and with better quality of experience (QoE) while increasing operational efficiency and lowering costs. Remotely managed via CLI, web interface and SNMP, it features zero-touch provisioning for fast and simple installation and does not require dedicated training.


The miniature Ethernet over STM-1/OC-3 converter provides TDM connectivity to any Ethernet device with an SFP (small form-factor pluggable) compatible GbE port. Hot-swappable and software-configurable, the intelligent SFP converter is a fully managed device supporting standard GFP encapsulation. It delivers a complete Ethernet over SDH/SONET solution in a finger-sized SFP enclosure and enables a quick rollout of new Ethernet services over legacy TDM infrastructure. The MiRICi-155 is part of RAD’s “System on an SFP” product line.

MiRICi-E1/T1, MiRICi-E3/T3
MiRICi-E1/T1, MiRICi-E3/T3, MiRIC-ML/E1, T1

The smart SFP miniature remote bridges provide TDM connectivity to any Ethernet device with an SFP (small form-factor pluggable) compatible Fast Ethernet or GbE port. Hot-swappable and software-configurable, the intelligent SFPs are fully managed devices supporting standard GFP encapsulation, as well as HDLC and cHDLC. MiRIC-ML supports PPP and ML-PPP, with the vAccess VNF as the virtualized service engine. They deliver a complete Ethernet over PDH solution in finger-sized SFP enclosures and enable a quick rollout of new Ethernet services over legacy TDM infrastructure. The MiRICi-E1/T1, MiRICi-E3/T3 and MiRIC-ML are part of RAD’s vCPE Toolkit. They provide simple and cost-effective alternatives to external, standalone bridge units or conversion cards for user devices, saving on space, cabling and power consumption, and simplifying management.

MiTOP-E1/T1, MiTOP-E3/T3
MiTOP-E1/T1, MiTOP-E3/T3

Featuring multi-standard pseudowire support and Synchronous Ethernet (Sync-E) in a finger-sized enclosure, the smart SFP devices provide an ideal solution for service providers, utility companies and enterprises wishing to ensure highly accurate timing synchronization for their legacy services while migrating to packet switched transport. Part of RAD’s “System on an SFP” portfolio, the MiTOP-E1/T1 and MiTOP-E3/T3 are designed for quick and simple insertion into any Fast Ethernet or Gigabit Ethernet port with an MSA-compatible socket.


Easily plugged into service routers to simultaneously distribute frequency and time, the patented MiCLK eliminates the need to install GPS/GNSS antennas at every cell site while providing highly accurate timing distribution with full network coverage – even in underground and in-building installations. It is also ideal for 4G small-cell deployments. The field-proven MiCLK allows service providers to dramatically reduce installation and engineering costs by eliminating the need for additional space or power requirements.

RADview Performance Monitoring

The RADview features a network element manager, end-to-end service manager for Carrier Ethernet services, performance monitoring portal for ongoing monitoring of Ethernet and IP services, D-NFV orchestrator for virtual machines and application services at the customer edge, and a network planner for resource optimization and capacity planning.

Featuring client/server architecture with multi-user support, RADview provides intuitive graphic representation of network clouds, links, nodes, end-to-end services, and network status indication. Fully ITU-T FCAPS compliant, it offers security management supporting user access profiles and allowing network partitioning.


White boxes are general purpose, low-cost and easy to commoditize, but lack many functions and connectivity options that cannot always be virtualized. RAD’s vAccess bridges these gaps by supplementing universal CPEs (uCPEs) with universal access, enhanced performance monitoring and diagnostics, and legacy service support – on a “buy-as-you-need” basis.


RAD’s vCPE-OS is interoperable with open source management platforms, and easily integrates with standards-based SDN controllers, orchestrators and operations/business support systems (OSS/BSS) from major providers. Featuring a comprehensive management and security suite, vCPE-OS is unique in its convergence of key OS components of NFV infrastructure (including a KVM hypervisor, Open vSwitch, OpenStack, and other elements) with embedded networking capabilities and integrated drivers for LTE and Wi-Fi. In addition, it enables seamless integration of RAD’s pluggable physical network functions (PNFs), such as OAM, Timing, TDM, DSL, and PON.



The virtualized encryptor operates at the data link layer (Layer 2), masking the payload of received network traffic. The headers are left unencrypted to ensure traffic forwarding through the network remains unchanged. The vEncryption VNF can be used in both point-to-point and multipoint topologies for transport services.


Featuring both networking and security functions in a single software, the vFirewall is used to address all WAN connectivity requirements of a business branch, providing VPN or internet access services. vFirewall is available with all ETX-2i and ETX-2v platforms, allowing service providers to expand their managed services portfolio with a simplified and unified architecture.


vSD-WAN is used to connect enterprise branch offices and data centers at a lower cost compared to IP VPNs. Offering multi-tenancy and high availability to optimize cost/performance of end-customer services, it features distributed network service functions to provide the flexibility and elasticity for easy, highly scalable and secure deployments. In addition, self-provision and self-care capabilities transform the customer experience. vSD-WAN can be hosted as a VNF on RAD’s vCPE-OS and deployed with any ETX platform, as well as any supporting white box. This allows service providers to expand their managed services portfolio with a simplified and unified architecture.


vRouter offers efficient, cost-effective business gateway functionality as part of VPN, cloud and internet access services.

RAD’s vCPE Toolbox Demo

Various vCPE flavors and deployment scenarios using RAD’s vCPE Toolbox



  • Cloud On-Ramp, Service Provider Style

White Papers

  • Intel's Paper on RAD's uCPE Solution
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