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vCPE Cloud Access

Secured, SLA Assured Multi-Cloud Access for Business Services

Value added Telco cloud services to help enterprises in their digital transformation 

vCPE Cloud Access

Your Benefits


your business services offering with an alternative to over-the-top (OTT) cloud access for enterprises


cloud-hosted VNFs with a secure tunnel from the edge device to the data center to ensure data isolation and security


business services offering by adding VASs to cloud-bound traffic



branch connectivity with flow-based traffic steering across multiple links



to choose any vCPE hardware, per branch site requirements, with a common operating system in all vCPEs


Featured Products


The ETX-2i also serves as a Universal CPE (uCPE), Whitebox+, which enhances a pluggable x86 server module with plugware to enable superior performance for vCPE applications. It is supported by RADview management and orchestration.


The ETX-2v supports a wide range of business customers and user scenarios, from small offices to large sites, using a variety of bandwidth and processing power options.

RADview Performance Monitoring

The RADview features a network element manager, end-to-end service manager for Carrier Ethernet services, performance monitoring portal for ongoing monitoring of Ethernet and IP services, D-NFV orchestrator for virtual machines and application services at the customer edge, and a network planner for resource optimization and capacity planning.

Featuring client/server architecture with multi-user support, RADview provides intuitive graphic representation of network clouds, links, nodes, end-to-end services, and network status indication. Fully ITU-T FCAPS compliant, it offers security management supporting user access profiles and allowing network partitioning.


RAD’s vCPE-OS is interoperable with open source management platforms, and easily integrates with standards-based SDN controllers, orchestrators and operations/business support systems (OSS/BSS) from major providers. Featuring a comprehensive management and security suite, vCPE-OS is unique in its convergence of key OS components of NFV infrastructure (including a KVM hypervisor, Open vSwitch, OpenStack, and other elements) with embedded networking capabilities and integrated drivers for LTE and Wi-Fi. In addition, it enables seamless integration of RAD’s pluggable physical network functions (PNFs), such as OAM, Timing, TDM, DSL, and PON.


Cloud On-Ramp, Service Provider Style

How service providers can leverage their network assets to move up the cloud value chain.



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