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Quality & Regulatory Compliance

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RAD's Quality Policy

RAD management places great emphasis on customer satisfaction and believes that it is directly related to the quality of the solutions, products and services it provides.

RAD strives to provide quality solutions and excellent service that meet customers’ needs as well as regulatory requirements.

RAD management places emphasis on planning in order to ensure quality as well as taking proactive measures to prevent failures and eliminate potential risks. Management also continually endeavors to improve the quality of its solutions, products, processes and services, through the establishment and review of quality objectives and the implementation of a comprehensive Quality Management System (QMS) in compliance with ISO-9001.

True customer satisfaction demands thorough involvement of all our employees. The company relies on its employees and encourages their uncompromising commitment and personal accountability to attain the highest levels of quality possible.

The Standards Institution of Israel (SII) has awarded RAD with a “Platinum Mark” for holding five quality certificates, indicating compliance of management systems, processes and products to international standards.

RAD strives to constantly enhance its customers' satisfaction.
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