Multiservice Access & First Mile

RAD’s offers a complete multiservice access solution for carriers, service providers, and private network owners (utility, transportation and government telecoms). The ecosystem consists of a full range of customer-located equipment, central site devices and an integrated management system, facilitating TDM and Ethernet service extension over copper, fiber or wireless, as well as co-existence of legacy and next-generation network infrastructures.

Featuring a wide range of multiservice multiplexers, cross connects, TDM NTUs, SDH/SONET ADMs,sub-rate multiplexers, fiber multiplexersa and SDH/SONET multiplexers, inverse multiplexers the portfolio supports a wealth of voice, video, high- and low-rate data services, as well as new Ethernet applications, enabling seamless migration to NGN communications. In addition to native packet access, multiservice access offers unsurpassed flexibility by transporting both higher-speed TDM and new Ethernet services over SDH/SONET with great efficiency, while also tunneling legacy services (TDM) over packet switched networks without having to replace either existing customer-located access devices or central office devices.

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Hybrid Solution for SDH/SONET and PSN Access


Power utility uses RAD's Megaplex to backhaul substation communications traffic over fiber Ethernet