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Multiservice Access Multiplexer
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Megaplex-2100, Megaplex-2104

Multiservice Access Multiplexers

The Megaplex-2100 and Megaplex-2104 are designed to groom, aggregate and transport multiple broadband and narrowband data and voice services over copper, DSL, fiber, wireless, or satellite circuits – all in a single-box solution.

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Hybrid TDM/Packet Communications for Train/Metro Stations

The Megaplex-2100 and Megaplex-2104 are designed to groom, aggregate and transport multiple broadband and narrowband data and voice services over copper, DSL, fiber, wireless, or satellite circuits – all in a single-box solution. They are especially suitable for use as economical, compact remote multiservice nodes for utilities and transportation. In addition, the Megaplex-2100 and Megaplex-2104 are ideal for small to mid-size business entities, providing mixed data and voice services for both business and residential customers. They can be deployed at the carrier’s point-of-presence in the exchange, as well as at a remote distribution node, such as in an office building’s basement.

Railway Communications Solutions

Substation Communications for Legacy and Ethernet-Based Devices over SDH/SONET or Ethernet

ACM   Alarm and Diagnostics Module
(Publication # 764-120-09/11)
    Download PDF (814k)
HS-2   2-Channel High-Speed Data Module
(Publication # 764-125-05/10)
    Download PDF (408k)
HS-6N, HS-12N   6/12-Channel High Speed Data Modules
(Publication # 764-148-06/11)
    Download PDF (633k)
HS-703   4-Channel G.703 Codirectional Data Module
(Publication # 764-104-05/10)
    Download PDF (717k)
HS-DP/3   3-Channel OCU-DP Data Modules
(Publication # 764-149-06/14)
    Download PDF (785k)
HS-ETH   1/2/4-Channel Ethernet Bridge/Router Modules
(Publication # 764-139-01/13)
    Download PDF (678k)
HS-ETH/SW   4-Port 10/100BaseT Ethernet Bridge Module with Layer-2 Switch
(Publication # 764-131-10/11)
    Download PDF (836k)
HS-Q/N   4-Channel High Speed Data Module
(Publication # 764-111-01/12)
    Download PDF (677k)
HS-RN   4-Channel Low Speed Data Modules
(Publication # 764-107-03/14)
    Download PDF (907k)
HS-S   4-Channel ISDN "S" Interface Module
(Publication # 764-119-05/10)
    Download PDF (827k)
HS-U-6, HS-U-12   6/12-Channel ISDN "U" Interface Data Modules
(Publication # 764-137-06/12)
    Download PDF (728k)
HSF-1, HSF-2   Fiber Optic Teleprotection Modules
(Publication # 764-145-10/12)
    Download PDF (488k)
LS-6N, LS-12   6/12-Channel Low Speed Data Modules
(Publication # 764-129-05/10)
    Download PDF (855k)
ML-1/2E1T1, MLF-1/2E1T1   Copper or Fiber Optic Interface, Single/Dual E1/T1 Main Link Modules
(Publication # 764-109-06/14)
    Download PDF (1552k)
ML-20N   Single/Dual n x 64 kbps Main Link Module
(Publication # 764-143-06/11)
    Download PDF (952k)
ML-8E1, ML-8T1   8-Port Main Link E1 and T1 Modules
(Publication # 764-142-05/10)
    Download PDF (3036k)
ML-IP   TDMoIP Main Link Module
(Publication # 764-140-12/12)
    Download PDF (537k)
MSL-8   8-Port SHDSL E1 Module
(Publication # 764-123-06/11)
    Download PDF (916k)
Ringer-2100R, Ringer-2000, Ringer-2200N   DC Feed and Ring Power Supplies for Voice/Fax and ISDN Modules
(Publication # 264-123-07/12)
    Download PDF (898k)
VC-16A   16-Channel ADPCM Voice Module (No Signaling)
(Publication # 764-135-06/14)
    Download PDF (750k)
VC-4/4A, VC-8/8A, VC-16   4/8/16-Channel PCM and ADPCM Voice Modules
(Publication # 764-138-06/14)
    Download PDF (548k)
VC-4/OMNI   PCM Omnibus Voice Module
(Publication # 764-141-01/12)
    Download PDF (4701k)
VC-6/LB   6-Channel PCM Voice Modules for Local Battery Telephones
(Publication # 764-136-12/14)
    Download PDF (716k)
VFS-24/30/48/60   Single/Dual E1/T1 Digital Voice Compression Server Modules
(Publication # 764-162-05/10)
    Download PDF (950k)
Installation and Operation Manuals - PDF

Megaplex-2100/2104 Ver. 12.9
Modular Integrated Access Multiplexers
(Publication # 764-200-03/14  Catalog # 803584)
Download the PDF (4355k)

Megaplex-2100/2104 Ver. 12.9
Next Generation Multiservice Access Node
(Publication # 764-200-10/12  Catalog # 803584)
Download the PDF (3876k)

Megaplex-2100/2104 Ver. 12.6
Modular Integrated Access Multiplexers
(Publication # 764-200-07/08)
Download the PDF (4746k)

Megaplex-2100/2104 Ver. 11
Modular Integrated Access Multiplexers
(Publication # 764-202-11/06)
Download the PDF (4589k)

For Module Installation and Operation Manuals - PDF, click here

Download previous versions of Megaplex-2100/2104 only modules (zip file)

Cable Finder

MP-2100 Cables

CL.2 Cables

HS-2 Cables

HS-3 Cables

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Mounting Kit Guide

MP-2100 Mounting Kits

MP-2104 Mounting Kits


Megaplex-2100 FAQs

Megaplex-2104 FAQs

Megaplex-2100 Tech Notes

Megaplex-2104 Tech Notes
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Power utility uses RAD's Megaplex to backhaul substation communications traffic over fiber Ethernet


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